LAMMPS for molecular dynamics simulations

LAMMPS (Large-scale Atomic/Molecular Massively Parallel Simulator) is a free software (GPL) to perform atomistic, mesoscale or coarse-grain simulations. It has become one of the most used calculation codes in the field of large-scale molecular dynamics on HPC platforms, such as the PSMN mesocenter at ENS Lyon. LAMMPS is materials oriented with a wide range of interatomic potentials (including many-body and coarse-grain), many coarse-grained models for mesoscale to continuum and a variety of boundary conditions and constraints. It is scalable for large simulations (1000s of particles/processor), easy to modify or extend with new features.

The goal of this meeting is to bring together developers, users of LAMMPS and other researchers interested in simulating challenging systems, in order to foster collaborations and new developments. Theoretical models, numerical methods, implemented algorithms and their performance for massively parallel architectures will be discussed, illustrating the main features and capacities of the code in recent applications.

This meeting is organized as part of the workshops of the Rhône-Alpes node of CECAM and is supported by the CECAM-FR-RA, the Blaise Pascal Center and the PSMN.

Organizing committee : 

  • Ralf EVERAERS (CBP, ENS de Lyon)
  • Florent CALVO (LiPhy Grenoble, UGA)
  • Cerasela CALUGARU (CBP/PSMN, ENS de Lyon)

The conference will be held in the thesis room (ENS de Lyon, MONOD site).

poster session is organized. You can propose a poster by giving the title and a short abstract in your space (after registration is done).

Registration is free of charge but mandatory.


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